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Step 1

Fill in form.

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AirMDR will contact you to confirm your request, eligibility* and arrange deployment.

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Sit back, relax.

This is going to be easy. Since we support over 200 integrations, you keep your tech stack. Plus, with AI-powered analysts, you just hired your best employee who works tirelessly 24/7 and consistently provides the best incident investigation and response.


* Discount Eligibility:

  • Should have an existing contract with one of the 131 MDR services listed by Gartner
  • Eligible companies have 50-5,000 employees
  • Must have a dedicated point-of-contact

Don't qualify? Contact us anyway - we'll find a way to give you an unbelievable price for our best-in-class service.

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What’s included?

Rich triage, investigation and response for every alert

High quality investigation and consistent triage for every alert. Every single time. And, within minutes. Drastic reduction in mean time to investigate and respond. Every alert the virtual analyst works is driven by a human reviewed security analyst ensuring the best and most consistent investigation and response possible.

High quality managed detections

We provide high-quality managed detections by investigating alerts from your security stack and supplementing them with our own in-house detections. Our dedicated team continuously monitors and analyzes alerts to ensure no threats go unnoticed, taking swift action to mitigate risks and keep your company safe.

Human supervision: amplified by automation and Al

With Al-assisted automation, AirMDR breaks traditional boundaries and delivers a superior service. AI-powered Virtual Analysts to do 80% of the work while our human experts supervise and train the virtual analyst to do better. Our team will meet with you periodically to share threat insights and incorporate your feedback into the service.

Best in industry SLAs to investigate and respond

The AirMDR triage, investigation, and response processes are all measured using key metrics such as Mean-Time-to-Identify (MTTI) and Mean-Time-to-Resolve (MTTR). We offer unparalleled SLAs for speed and will help you improve, track, and trend performance. We provide real-time access to dashboards and cases for transparent visibility into our performance and service to you.

Continuous monitoring: 24/7/365

Our MDR service provides round-the-clock monitoring, leveraging advanced AI technology and human expert oversight to ensure your systems are protected at all times. Our intelligent virtual analyst works continuously 24/7/365 to detect and respond to threats in real time. With our dedicated human analyst team, you gain comprehensive security coverage and peace of mind, knowing your organization is safeguarded every moment of every day.

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Why you will love it!


Rapid investigation

While traditional MDRs depend on human analysts for case triage, AirMDR's intelligent virtual analyst outpaces them by performing this task 20 times faster.


Consistent case quality

The AirMDR virtual analyst performs the same thorough investigation consistently every time providing superior investigation quality and depth of investigation.


Superior investigation

The AirMDR virtual analyst performs the same thorough investigation consistently every time providing superior investigation quality and depth of investigation.


Less noise

The majority of security alerts turn out to be false positive or benign.  AirMDR’s AI virtual analyst verifies threats, minimizing false positives and producing actionable response.


Integrated w/ your stack

AirMDR provides full-service coverage. Over 200 out-of-the-box integrations are supported with the average time to add a new tool under two weeks.  All we need is an API/URL to work with.


Customized to you

Using AI LLMs, our security automations take hours, not weeks.  This means we can adjust and automate any process that can be described in natural language.


Transparent in all we do

Full real time access to all cases (escalated or not) and dashboard metrics on SLA performance.


Quick answers

Our AI analyst is available to answer your questions instantly, giving you a level of insight and responsiveness that's unmatched by human analysts.


Human backstop

The AI analyst performs 80% - 90% of the work human security analysts perform, but we also maintain live human analysts 24x7 to review and improve any work the AI analyst performs.


White glove treatment

We’ll meet with you every 1-2 months to review what we are seeing and make recommendations how you can improve your security posture and reduce your risk.


Rapid time to value

Unlike traditional MDR, we can get you up and running in just 2-4 weeks. During this period, you will undoubtedly see immediate value in the service you receive.


Try before you buy

We are so confident in our service that we provide the first 30 days post deployment for free (total 60 days back-out), with a no-pressure cancellation policy.