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The relentless growth of cyber threats and the increasing complexity of modern IT environments have stretched security teams to their breaking point. Autonomous solutions promise much-needed relief, but CISOs are rightly cautious. This session cuts through the hype, providing a pragmatic roadmap for incorporating autonomous capabilities into your security operations.

We'll explore the spectrum of autonomy, from basic automation (Level 4) to true AI-driven decision-making (Level 5), clarifying what's possible today and what lies on the horizon. Discover the compelling reasons driving the need for autonomous alert triage and response and understand the critical role of the "virtual analyst" in this evolution.


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Watch the recording from the 12 June 2024 webinar.


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Kumar Saurabh


Kumar is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years in cybersecurity, specializing in enterprise security and log management. As a CEO and founder, he has held leadership positions at prominent companies such as ArcSight, Sumo Logic (Cloud SIEM) and LogicHub (SOAR/MDR). His vision is to make autonomous MDR (Managed Detection and Response) accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Kumar Saurabh

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