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We’re passionate about delivering awesome detection and response to security teams of all sizes.

Our Story

After years of seeing security teams struggle with running an efficient and effective SOC, founders Kumar Saurabh and Anthony Morris knew there had to be a better way to detect and respond to the ever changing landscape of threats. Previous experience with SOAR, SIEM, and MDR vendors showed that the challenges are far bigger than most security teams are staffed enough to overcome. Without using automation and now AI, it is impossible to make and keep an enterprise secure — even more so in small and medium-sized enterprises. They wanted to find a way to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve a similar level of efficacy in detection and response as the proverbial 1% of large enterprises.

Advancements in AI technology provide a key opportunity to overcome talent shortages and budget limitations, and AirMDR was formed to provide an efficient, effective, and affordable managed detection and response.


Company Values


Customer Obsession

Always put customers first. In an area where negative NPS scores are the norm, we strive to provide an offering that delights the customers and makes them secure. That takes deeply caring about our customers - almost to a fault.


Radical Candor

Across every aspect and function of our business, we strive to be radically transparent while remaining tactful and courteous. This applies internally and externally — from our customers and coworkers to ourselves.


Constant Innovation

We are innately dissatisfied with things that do not work well and constantly seek to create better solutions and build value in areas where customers experience challenges.


Embrace Challenges

Solving problems means being willing to try new things. That may be hard for some, but we embrace the challenge and believe in taking calculated risks to bring about new innovations.


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Interested in joining our team? Shoot your resume to careers@airmdr.com  and if we have any open roles that might be a fit, we'll reach out.

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