Your Personal AI Virtual Analyst

  • An intelligent chatbot
  • A trained expert in cybersecurity
  • Fast, always on, and at your service
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The J.A.R.V.I.S to Your Stark

Team up with a Skilled Virtual Security Analyst

  • Performs 80-90% of L1 and L2 analyst tasks
  • Guidance based on in-depth cyber expertise
  • Constantly learns, adapts, and never complains
  • Is the extra set of hands you've been wishing for
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A Perfect Balance of AI, Automation, and Human Insight to Help You Perform Your Best


Get More From Your Budget

  • Save 40% vs traditional MDR (Ask us how!)
  • Gain 24/7 coverage while remove hiring challenges

Improve Team Bandwidth & Happiness

  • Eliminate tedious workflows
  • Augment team knowledge

Reduce Incident Risk

  • 20X faster investigations
  • Capacity to triage all alerts

Virtual Analyst Capabilities

Quickly and efficiently examine every alert, automatically triage, and create detailed
investigation reports. It’s like having a fleet of cybersecurity experts always on duty.



Get Answers, Not Ambiguity

  • Investigate every alert
  • Automatically enrich findings
  • Contextualize and standardize data
  • Prioritize findings and determine the root cause


Prioritize Intuitively

  • References a library of security best practices
  • Playbooks built with industry standards in mind
  • Determine the malicious nature of attacks
  • Prioritize actions and next steps


Intelligent Actions, Not Just Automation

  • Close benign alerts
  • Automatically block a firewall or more
  • Provide additional remediation support
  • Human experts available for escalation
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Supported By Subject Matter Experts

  • Chat support
  • Community support
  • 24x7 availability
  • Cybersecurity experts on standby for escalations

How It Works

It’s like having a fleet of expert analysts on your team. Setup and onboarding are fast and simple. 

Step 1
Step 1

Goal Alignment

In 30 minutes, we gather your requirements and learn about your detection, triage, and response needs.

Step 2
Step 2


Introductions are made to your dedicated senior security analyst and virtual analysts set up.

Step 3
Step 3


Monitoring with fast triage & response. Periodic key findings, metrics, and recommendation reviews.

Get More with AirMDR

Easy integration and data collection via API

Centralized UI

24/7 Investigation and Response

Easy to Use Natural Language Chatbot

Detailed investigation and incident reports

Detailed Investigation Reports

Pre-built Library of Best Practice Skills and Playbooks

Supported By Top-Notch Security Experts

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