What Makes AirMDR Services Different?




Out Of The Box



No compromises. Integrated with your entire stack.

Unlike traditional MDRs that can't or won't support your entire security stack, AirMDR provides full-service coverage. With extensive integrations and Al-assisted automation, AirMDR breaks traditional support boundaries and delivers the coverage you need.

Over 200 out-of-the-box integrations are supported with the average time to add a tool under two weeks. Plus, using our Al bot, we say yes to customizations with a 3-5x better response time.

Eliminate the Noise — Find Threats that Matter

Less than 10% of alerts represent real incidents. Unfortunately, SOC analysts must go through hundreds of alerts to find the incidents that matter. AirMDR alerts use decision automation to bring order to the chaos.

Keep Attackers at Bay in Less
Than 30 Min Per Day

  • Investigate every alert
  • Surface the alerts that matter with speed
  • Apply alert triage playbooks
  • Leave no alert unresolved

Daily Threat Report

  • Immediate time to value in under 2 weeks
  • Increase visibility to alerts and reduce stress
  • Enable intelligent automation
  • Improve compliance and audit processes

Human Supervision — Amplified by Automation and Al

An automated but misguided response can be detrimental. It's why AirMDR has trained its Al response automation using industry standards, cybersecurity experts, and the best threat intelligence material.

  • Al trained by expert professionals, standards, materials
  • Removes human errors and enhances accuracy
  • Humans to act on data and alerts from an automated toolset
  • Customer choice: 1-Click approvals or full automation

Respond with Speed. 95% of Investigations in <15 Minutes.

The AirMDR triage, investigation, and response processes are all measured using key metrics such as Mean-Time-to-Identify (MTTI)
and Mean-Time-to-Respond (MTTR). We'll help you improve, track, and trend performance.

  • Track handling time; investigation and response
  • Record types of incidents or security breach
  • Categorize the types, volume, and severity of alerts
  • User friendly dashboards and reporting

Talk Is Cheap. Try Before You Buy.





AirMDR is committed to providing a seamless experience with no compromises or excuses. Unlike traditional MDR, we can get you up and running in just 2-4 weeks. During this period, you will undoubtedly see immediate value in the service you receive.

We are so confident in our service that we provide the first 30 days post deployment for free, with a no-pressure cancellation policy.

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